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      Quantitative risk assessment (QRA-Quantitative Risk Analysis) is a quantitative risk analysis method for chemical equipment development, to analyze and determine the leakage caused by fire, flammable and toxic substances explosion and poisoning and other security issues.

      Kanganbao company as a leader in QRA analysis, has been committed to the application of QRA analysis. Special Safety Supervision Bureau No. 13 "for the production and storage of hazardous chemicals unit individual acceptable risk criteria and social acceptable risk criteria (Trial)" analysis and 40 orders to carry out hazardous chemicals facilities or equipment to QRA, safety distance analysis of chemical quantitative device. In terms of QRA training, health insurance company and the Chinese Chemical Safety Association to conduct regular QRA training, case discussion and analysis of the form to help students understand the QRA process, industry applications and some technical difficulties.

      Gas diffusion overlooking the map:


      Top view of explosion overpressure:


      QRA analysis and evaluation of business

      Individual risk and social risk (including No. 40 and No. 13 requirements)

      - safety spacing, including external safety spacing and internal safety spacing

      Analysis and design of enterprise building antiknock quantization

      Fire, explosion and toxic effect analysis

      Application of QRA in emergency plan

      Effectiveness evaluation of risk reduction measures

      Kanganbao company owned GL PHASTTM company DNV series software for the analysis of flammable, fire, explosion and toxicity hazards. After a wide range of model validation, and has a wealth of reporting capabilities, as well as comprehensive reports and charts, convenient and intuitive display effect.

      Professional software needs professional personnel to use and analysis, PHASTTM series of health and safety experts and has a wealth of domestic and international projects TM PHAST application experience, to ensure that the quality of the calculation and analysis.


      QRA training business

      Kanganbao company currently and Chinese Chemicals Safety Association to carry out QRA training, the first phase of the QRA training was held in Qingdao on 2016 April 25th, a total of about 40 students enrolled in the health security process safety manager of the company & quantitative risk assessment expert Liu Ping speaker. Training focuses on case discussion and analysis of the form to help students understand the QRA process, industry applications, and some technical difficulties.

      Training has been widely praised students, have said that through this training to solve a lot of problems previously often plagued, deepen the understanding of the deep security. In the future, the company will continue to deepen and China chemical safety association cooperation, and launched a similar quantitative risk assessment (QRA), hazard and operability analysis (HAZOP) and other aspects of the process safety management training.

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